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Awesome Geography, History & Science is What We Do!

"Oh my! I'm a myth!"

Awesome Dragon Publishers


Readers will adventure through the topics of physics, anatomy, environmental science, and much more! We offer comprehensive reviews and challenge our readers to think about and respond critically to each subject.

So hold tight as Awesome the Dragon blasts off to exciting adventures through science, history and culture!

About Us

Awesome is a very inquisitive dragon and his curiosity knows no bounds! The first time he looked in a mirror he gasped and exclaimed, “I’m a myth!” With this realization, Awesome had to learn all there was to know about being a myth. The world is full of many different legends, stories, and cultures. Awesome is happy to connect through the wonders of science with his dragon cousins throughout the world.

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Awesome Dragon Publishers

​Established in 2017, Awesome Dragon Publishers is the latest publishing company founded by author Phyllis Goldman. With 30 years of experience and expertise, we deliver high quality supplemental educational material for the Middle School age group and beyond.

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